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41 Best Life Insurance Company Names

The life insurance industry is broken up between annuities, long term care, disability, and accidental death coverage by group, individual, and credit for debt left behind after your death. Individual life insurance policies account for more than half of the life insurance market at this point in time. Demand for life insurance is primarily dependent on the economy and demographics. Smaller life insurance organizations must focus on specialized services and communities to compete successfully with other major US companies such as AIG and Aetna. The top 50 firms in this industry generate more than 90% of the revenue. A series of life insurance company names are from throughout the United States.

Affinity Financial and Insurance Group
Allstate Insurance
Amalgated Life Insurance
American Exchange Life Insurance Co.
American General Life Insurance Co.
American Heritage Life Insurance Co.
American Income Life Insurance
American Life Insurance Co.
American Pioneer Life Insurance Co.
Amica Mutual Insurance Company
Bluebonnet Life Insurance Co.
British West Insurance
Capital Benefits Corporation
Central United Life Insurance
Great American Life Insurance
Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company
Guardian Life Insurance
Insure-Rite Inc.
Liberty National Life Insurance Company
Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance
Manhattan Insurance Group
Memorial Insurance Company of America
Monumental Life Insurance Co.
Mutual of America Life Insurance
Nationwide Life Insurance
New Era Life Insurance Company
Northern Life Insurance Co.
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
Oxford Life Insurance
Pacific Life Insurance Company
Protective Insurance Agency Inc.
Pyramid Life Insurance
Reliable Life Insurance Company
Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co.
Ross Enterprises Insurance Agency LLC
Security National Life Insurance Company
Sentinel Security
Sterling Life Insurance
Trustmark Insurance Co.
Union Labor Life Insurance Co.
Western & Southern Life Insurance Co.

In the United States alone, an estimated 95 million adults have no form of life insurance. An average 61% of men have some form of life insurance coverage to include 57% of women. It is recommended by experts in the industry that life insurance coverage should equal 10 times your gross annual income. While the average amount purchased is over $200,000 the average recommendation is double that rate. The infographic below outlines the most common causes of death and a comparison between average life insurance plans.

Life Insurance Industry Facts

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