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Happiest Cities in US Based on Instagram Photos with Smiles


When someone is taking your picture, the instinct is usually to smile. A recent study looked at over 100-million photographs from five thousand American cities. The results proved to be extremely interesting.

Facts About Data Collected

From the 100-million photos that were looked at across five thousand American cities, the facts about which cities smile the most was just one of the interesting tidbits that emerged. These results were determined by looking at how many smiles were in a given picture, and how large the smiles themselves were:

• According to Jetpac, St. Louis is considered to be the happiest city in the United States of America.

• This data was determined by looking through the API for Instagram. Public pictures from over six-million venues were examined.

• Pictures with faces are obviously going to be places in which people like to get together.

• People often express their personal style through their smiles. A person can be expressing a completely different style with a small smile from the one they would be expressing with a large grin.

• A smile usually means that the people in the picture are enjoying themselves. To create their data, Jetpac assigned a score of 0-100 for each smile in each picture they looked at.

• The size of the smile obviously played a big part in how the score was created, but factors such as background and even facial hair could also play a part in the score that was given out.

• Jetpac then constructed city guides for over five-thousand cities around the globe. These guides were created from the pictures taken at certain spots by different groups of individuals, as well as their scores.

10 Happiest Cities

Curious as to which cities wound up making up the list of the 10 happiest cities in the entire United States? You already know St. Louis topped the list Jetpac created, but some of the other locales that make up the ten happiest might surprise you just a little bit:

1. St. Louis, Missouri.
2. Kansas City, Missouri.
3. Columbus, Ohio.
4. Indianapolis City, Indianapolis.
5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
6. San Antonio, Texas.
7. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
8. Jacksonville, Florida.
9. Detroit, Michigan.
10. Raleigh, North Carolina.

Nashville, Denver, Seattle, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, San Jose, Portland, and Las Vegas were all cities that made the top 50. You may want to take a look at where your own city ranks on their list of the happiest in the country.

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