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45 Witty & Clever Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Recent trends with fantasy hockey have seen Thornton leading with 42 assists and Steen scoring 24 goals and 38 points in just 35 games. The most surprising trend of all has been in the depth of the goalie position more this year than ever before. The following collection of Hockey team names are intended to inspire the creation of your own team.

2 Fasth 2 Furious
2 Girls No Cup
BawitDaba Letang Letang Diggy
Been There, Doan That
Boll Movements
Bros Before Hossas
Bure’d Lines
Calahan Auto Parts
Charas in Charge
Dirty Raskals
Don’t Toews Me Bro!
Double Penner Tration
Doughty Little Secret
Eberle Hill 90210
Epic Neal Time
Every Day I’m Byfuglien
Kneel Before Saad
Koekkoek for Coco Puffs
Krugs Not Drugs
Lucic and Chong
Molten Slava
Natural Born Hillers
No Reimer Reason
Oshie’s Eleven
Ovechkin Laich Semin
Parenteau Guidance
Peter’s North Stars
Postma Always Rings Twice
Prusty Trombones
Semin Stains
Straight Outta Conklin
Subban’ed for Life
Taxicab Kanefessions
Teach Me How to Doughty
Teemu’s Salami
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Kessel Run
The Kreider House Rules
Tyutin in the Staal
Vanek at the Disco
Voodoo Dowells
What About Bobrovsky?
You Me and Dupuis
Zajac of All Trades
Zucker Punched

Hockey is considered one of the most physical sports based on the high occurrence in fighting altercations. An average of 37.4% of NHL games includes altercations involved over 300 players. The top team that has been seen fighting the most in 2011 was the Saint Louis Blues. The below infographics takes a look at the fighting statistics of hockey.

Hockey Fight Statistics

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