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10 Best Travel Apps for iPhone and Android


10 Best Travel Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android

You can now explore the whole world with the best 10 travel apps for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

1. Tripit

This app is a travel organizer that links with the email account of the user and collects all confirmation numbers into a single location. Tripit provides maps, weather report and directions that you will find useful when you’re in a foreign country. You can also book restaurants, search attractions and buy tickets with this app. It is totally free, so you don’t need to spend any amount of money to get it.

2. Wikitude

An advanced reality travel guide, Wikitude overlays Wikipedia as well as user-generated content on the phone’s camera. It uses the mobile phone’s GPS, movement sensors and compass to provide the information you need. Just point your phone’s camera at a certain landmark and you’ll get information about it. This app is free.

3. Flightaware

This app serves as a flight tracker, allowing you to stay up to date with gate changes, flight cancellations and delays. Easy to use and free to download, you only need to give your flight number and you’ll get the information you require.

4. Postagram

A postcard delivery app, Postagram prints out a postcard and mails it to the address you provided. All you have to do is to take a photo with the application and enter the address. You will be charged $0.99 for every delivered postcard.

5. Trailhead

This app uses the location of the user and lists all bike paths and hiking trails in close proximity. It can also track your distance, elevation, route and speed as well as lead you to the closest north face store. This can be downloaded for free.

6. Kayak

Also one of the free best travel apps for iPad, iPhone and Android devices, Kayak serves as a comprehensive hotel, car rental and flight booking agent. Its packing list feature ensures that you never forget the important things you have to bring with you. Kayak can also track your flight, find local attractions, provide price alerts and convert currency.

7. Allsubway

Serving as a route planner and subway map, Allsubway is equipped with subway maps for 137 cities. Even if you are not connected to the web, you can use this app to find the place where you’re heading to. The app costs $0.99 to download.

8. Yelp

One of the best free travel apps, Yelp provides reviews and ratings for restaurants, hotels, attractions and more. It uses your present location to find the nearest results and its monocle feature imposes business names on buildings in the camera’s view.

9. Sitorsquare

A public bathroom finder, this free travel app returns results according to geological information. It divides listings into either “squat” or “sit” toilets based on cleanliness and comfort. Sitorsquare has a working database of more than 100,000 toilets.

10. Trip Journal

A travel journaling application, it tracks your exact travel route using your phone’s GPS. It adds geotagging to your photos and also allows you to add notes and placemarks. Trip Journal collects information on distances that are covered and can export course to Google Earth with photos embedded in the route. It costs $2.99.

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