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Top 10 Most Stylish Cities in the World



According to John Fairchild, style is an expression of uniqueness mixed with charisma and fashion comes after it. Style consists of 20% individuality, 20% colors and texture, 20% simplicity, 20% compliment and contrast, 15% from vs. function and 5% magic.

10 Most Fashionable Citiies

1. Paris
2. Tokyo
3. Milan
4. Rome
5. London
6. Madrid
7. New York
8. Los Angeles
9. San Francisco
10. Barcelona

Following these countries are Singapore; San Paulo, Brazil; Mumbai, India; Shanghai, China and Cape Town, South Africa.

Personalities with Style

Some personalities caught the attention of many people with their unique style. The icons of style during the 1940s included Lauren Bacall, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Marlene Dietrich and David Niven. Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner were the icons of style during the 1950s. 1960s saw the style of Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick and The Beatles. Debbie Harry, Diana Ross, Bianca Jagger and David Bowie stood out during the 1970s. The style of Madonna, Jane Fonda, Joan Collins and Princess Diana caught the attention of many people during the 1980s. The 1990s was dominated by the style of Koss Moss, Erin O’Connor, Linda Evangelista and Victoria Beckham.

“Always follow the basics.” What does this saying mean? These are the things important to any woman and man’s closet. It forms the fundamental for elegant and simple style. In the quest of expressing your own personality, simply add other peculiar accessories.

Important Fashion Components to Women

What are the things important for women? For the basic top, they need two t-shirts (personalized color/v-neck). They also need one or two dress shirts (button down). For those who want to dress up, they should have one little black dress that suits their body type and one long/fitted blazer. For the lower body, they need two jeans with a solid color/slim/boot cut. They also need two trousers (slim/tailored), two skirts (shift/pencil cut) and one black pumps (solid colors/simple).

Important Fashion Components to Men

For men, they need two t-shirts (scoop/crew/v neck) and two button-up shirts (simple/slim fit) for their basic top. To dress up, they need one long/fitted blazer and one cardigan (gray/black/navy). For the lower body, they need one chino (khaki/navy/pleated/flat front) and two denim jeans (boot cut/straight). They also need one pair of casual shoes (vans/boot/oxford) and one pair of shoes for formal occasions (wing tips/loafers/boots).

How Style Matters

Did you know that the Coco Chanel’s 1920s designs of little black dress were intended to be durable, affordable, versatile and accessible to the largest market possible as well as in a neutral color? The bow tie, on the other hand, originated amongst Croatian mercenaries throughout the Prussian wars of the seventeenth century. It boomed in the eighteenth and nineteenth century after it was used by the French upper classes.

Style matters more than people think. From the time you wake up, it affects your whole day. It sets the pace for the day, reflects profession as well as shows how you view yourself. Ultimately, style will give you confidence and that is one of the most important factors to success. So, style is definitely an important part of everyone’s life.

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