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45 Awesome Ragnar Team Names

Ragnar relays have been increasing in participation across the nation the last several years. Focused on the long distance runner, teams participate in distance running marathons. The most popular regions have been the Pacific Coast, South of Texas, Florida, and the Mid Atlantic. If you are considering getting involved in this special relay event, a listing of awesome ragnar team names will get you motivated to join forces with others.

12 Martinis
50 Shades of Grapes
Abominable Slowmen
Canned Heat
Chafing the Dream
Conchy Tonchin’
Cool Runnings
Dark & Early
Dirty Running Scoundrels
District 12
Don’t Slip On My Banana
Driving Would be Easier
Eager Beavers and Wieners
Fat And The Furious
Go Big or Go Home
Grape Nuts & Wine Sluts
Heart and Sole
How The West Was Run
I Need A Cab
Land Sharks
Lost in Pace
Ludicrous Speed
Mixed Nuts
Move Your Assets
No Excuses
Ready or Not Beer We Come
Repeat Offenders
Ricky Bobby
Runnin Reptiles
Running through your Dreams
Shorter Nights in Jail
Sisters and Misters with Blisters
Sole Train
Spandex Sprinters
Strange Brew
Team Foxtrot Bravo India
The Funk Tribe
The Goon Squad
The Runs, Part Deux
USDoME Ultra Division
WTF Want To Finish

A growth surge of almost 10 million participants have taken up running since 1991. Growing opportunities in 5K and 10K marathons, relay races, and more have granted running enthusiasts with new opportunities to get outside and run more. The half marathon is considered to be the fastest growing racing event in the United States, seeing a 30% growth since 2000. The below infographic outlines facts and trends with the running boom.

Running Participant Growth Trends

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