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20 Best Desserts in the World

Top Desserts in the World

Top Four Types of Desserts from Around the World

Whether you have traveled outside of your home country or not, you more than likely have had the pleasure and privilege of at least tasting a dessert that originated from a different part of the world. It seems as if, despite all of the cultural differences that may exist from one country to the next, there will always be delicious desserts that can bring everyone together. Here are five of the most popular types of desserts available around the world.

1. Cakes

If you love spongy cakes that are delicious and sweet, babka from Poland might be exactly what you need to put on your plate or even a chocolate soufflé from France. You can also enjoy a delicious bowl of ice cream with the Venezuelan treat of Brazo Gitano or the Egyptian dish of basbousa.

2. Puddings

There are so many people around the world that simply enjoy the delicious taste of pudding. If you are ever in Mexico, you would be doing yourself a major disservice if you left without first trying aproz con leche. Turkish chefs and bakers have been able to masterfully blend chicken breast, rice and milk with other delicious ingredients in order to create Tavuk Gogsu.

3. Soups

If you are more of a soup person that is not very interested in puddings and cask, then the Chinese Tangyuan or the Vietnamese Che Dau Xanh soup dishes may satisfy your appetite. Just make sure that you check the extensive listing of ingredients that go into both of these soups before you decide to try either one of them. The last thing that you should want to experience on a trip abroad or when taking a culinary tour of various cuisines is an allergic reaction to the food tasted.

4. A Wonderful World of Pastries

It truly does seem if you can always find a delicious pastry no matter where you are in the world. For instance, apple strudels may have originated in Germany but their popularity and presence can now be found in many other countries around the world as well. The same can be said about Belgian waffles and Pavlova as well. If you are ever interested in Icelandic cuisines, though, then you should definitely complement your meal with Icelandic cinnamon rolls – otherwise known as snuour. The taste of many of these desserts may remind you of other desserts and dishes, which is what makes them so enjoyable in the first place.

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