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10 Cool Valentine’s Day Statistics and Facts

Every year, lovers, friends, and parents alike set aside one day to honor the various types of love that they feel for the people in their lives. This happens on February 14 every year and is widely known as Valentine’s Day. It is the chance for love to be expressed without embarrassment!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Over 190 million cards are exchanged every Valentine’s Day.

It’s not just a simple card or some chalky candy hearts that make Valentine’s Day so special. Many couples choose to solidify their relationships on this day as well, either through engagements or weddings that occur. Here are some fun facts about relationships on Valentine’s Day!

Until Death Do Us Part

1. Over 4 million Americans alone expect to either propose to their significant other on this day every year or they are expecting their significant other to propose to them.
2. In 2012, there were 2 million weddings that took place on Valentine’s Day.
3. When divorce needs to part you as a couple before death, Valentine’s Day is also a popular time of year to make that official as filings jump nearly 40% annually.

Takeaway: Love is sometimes hard to find, so when you do find it, you want to make it special and grand. That’s why Valentine’s Day is such a special day for proposals and weddings because it naturally just fits in. If love isn’t working for you, then through spite Valentine’s Day also works because it’s a passive aggressive way to get even with a significant other that is causing problems.

Other Valentine’s Day Statistics

1. 81% of men and women purchase flowers for their significant other on Valentine’s Day.
2. 4% of men and 15% of women will also purchase flowers for themselves on Valentine’s Day as well!
3. Gifts that accompany flowers are also common and 48% of those gifts given every year are some form of candy. On the other hand, 11% of those gifts are electronics.
4. In 2012, the average amount that was spent on a significant other on this holiday was $126.03. This was an increase of over 8% from the year before.
5. Every year, over $12 billion is spent on this holiday alone.
6. The average couple spends $147 on their dinner if they go out to eat on Valentine’s Day.
7. 64% of men admit that they don’t make any plans about Valentine’s Day… until they wake up in the morning and realize that it’s Valentine’s Day that day!

Takeaway: It is kind of amazing that we all spend so much money on average to express our love to someone when realistically we should be expressing our love every day in unique ways. Valentine’s Day is a great day to honor that love, but emphasizing love just once a year could be a reason why divorces claim nearly half of all marriages in the United States these days.

Valentines Day Facts

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