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18 Pajama Party Invitation Wording Samples

Girl’s love to attend and throw a slumber party with all their best friends. There are many benefits to having this type of party style. Elaborate decorations are not required nor a lot of space. You only need a few extra pillows, some movies and games to entertain the guest. Hanging white Christmas lights around ceiling can give a low intimate level of lighting for the girls. For minimal expenses, start the party later around 8:00pm after dinner is finished. For planning your next slumber party, the following pajama party invitation wording samples will help to inspire the words on your invitations.

(Kid’s name) is having a Birthday sleepover! Please join us to celebrate (name and age) Birthday! Please bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and PJ’s!

(name) is turning (age)! Come and join us just in time. The glamour starts at 6 o’clock. Then movie time, the fun won’t stop! (date) we’ll celebrate. We hope you’ll be there, it will be great! When the clock strikes 10 on the next day Send a coach for your sleeping beauty.

(name) would like to invite you to a sleep-over for girly fun and games to celebrate her (age) Birthday!

A pajama party that’s packed with fun… movies, games, and treats for everyone! It’s (kid’s name) Birthday! Drop off (Date and time of the party). Pickup (Date and time).

Bring your PJ’s and pillow, too, We’ve go so many cool things to do! Nails and make up, movies and more, Pizza and popcorn and fun galore!

Bring your sleeping bag and your flashlight. We’ll have a bonfire, roast marshmallows and stay up all night!

Bring your sleeping bag and your fuzzy slippers too, It’s (name) slumber party and she’s inviting you! We’ll watch movies, style our hair, and play with makeup for fun. Your Mom can pick you up the next morning when we’re done!

Games, movies, gossip and pillows, When we’ll get to sleep, nobody knows!

Get ready for a fun filled night , filled with girl talk and pillow fights. Pizza, a movie, a fun pillow fight, make up and girl talk, all through the Halloween night!!

Get ready for a fun filled night of girl talk and pillow fights.

How does a Pajama Party sound? Fun, ain’t it? Then what are you waiting for… You’re invited to my super-awesome party. Please bring a sleeping bag and pillow. And don’t forget to wear your PJ’s. (Date and time of the party).

NO boys allowed! I’m having a Christmas pajama party. Come over, let’s celebrate! We’ll paint our nails and do our hair… and stay up till it’s late. Have some delicious food…. and have a pillow fight!

Pajama Party. Pack up your favorite PJ’s and come on over for popcorn, pizza and girl talk all night long!

Pillows, makeup and popcorn too… It’s a slumber party and I’m inviting you!

She is turning nine… and would like you to stay and play both night and day! What better way to Celebrate (name and age) Birthday.

Soon, (name) will be nine… A slumber party would be divine! We’ll watch fun movies, play games, Eat popcorn and pizza… For you to join us would be great!

We’ll snack, chat, and karaoke, We might even do the hokey pokey. (name) is turning the big (age). Join us for a birthday slumber party.

You’re invited to come and spend the night. We’ll have junk food, games and pillow fights! Birthday Pajama Sleep Over Party Honoring (kid’s name and age) Birthday!

The below infographic outlines interesting facts about the history of celebrating birthdays. The sending out of birthday invitations are thought to date as far back as the 1’st century AD with the first documented one being 100AD. The most popular birthday month in the world is August, accounting for 9% of the global population. More than half of all birthday cards are purchased.

History of Birthday Celebration

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