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50 Most Important Marketing Metrics

Digital marketing metrics are a fantastic way to keep track of profits, who your customers are, how effective your online marketing scheme is, and much more. There are plenty of metrics out there that can give you a wide variety of data to evaluate everything from your email campaigns to your social media success and how you stack up against competition. To learn more about just a few of the many things that metrics can tell you about your business online, read on.

A compilation of digital marketing trends that are predicted to be seen in 2014 and the benefits of implementing these into your current marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Trends 2014

Social Media

There are many social media metrics. Some can help you determine who it is that likes your pages and on what network. Others can help you to better understand how customers connect with your company. Some metrics let you know more about what social media posts are the most effective in spreading the work about your business, or where you rank when it comes to a conversation about the industry that you are involved in. Social media is a fantastic tool for getting your business more recognition, to build your brand, and to quickly get customers involved with your business in a variety of ways, from conversions to comments.

Lead and Conversion

Want to know what kind of deals and where get you the most leads and conversions? If so, then you may want to think about examining lead and conversion metrics. These can help you to better understand what online marketing tactics and campaigns are the most effective. Do your customers love Twitter, email, or your webpage? By examining these numbers, you can determine just that, and decide what kind of marketing tactics and campaigns to put more money and time into during the next go-around to attract customers, get them to purchase your products, and get them to spread the word.

Reach and Spread

Reach and spread helps you to measure how many people are talking about you online. There are lots of ways you can help to determine your reach and spread. Examine metrics like how long your customers stay on particular pages, what pages they share on social media, and how easy (or difficult) it is for customers to find you through search engines and the like. You can also see what devices your customers use to reach your site. Reach and spread can help you to decide if you need to invest in a different type of design, what works, and what does not.

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