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43 Heart Walk Team Name Ideas

The heart walk is organized by the American Heart Association and is intended to raise funds and awareness about the first and third killer of American lives; Heart disease and stroke. Inactive people are considered twice as likely to develop heart disease than those that are active and can be easily reduced through exercise. Participating in 30 minutes of moderate activity most days can decrease your risk. The following collection of heart walk team names are for individuals that wish to participate in these annual events to raise awareness.

…And The Beat Goes On
Another Bad Idea
Between a Walk and a Hard Pace
Cardiac Rehab
Christopher Walkin
Clot Busters
Coast Busters
Fargo Frozen Fleet Feet
Glucose Patrol
Got Heart?
Happy Feet
Heart & Sole
Heart Throbs
Holy Walkamolies
Lost In Pace
Luke Skywalkers
Making Strides
Mighty Morphin Power-Walkers
Motionally Challenged
Mountain Rangers
Move Your Feet, Keep The Beat
Pace Makers
Pedestrian Punx
Raising a Little Health
Red Hot Chili Steppers
River City Ramblers
Rumpled Old Men
School Of Walk
Sole Mates
Sole Survivors
Sugar Shakers
Take a Hike
The Roaming Perambulators
The Walkie Talkies
These Suits Were Made For Walkin’
Tick-Tock We Don’t Stop
Walk It Like It’s Hot
Walk It Out
Walk The Line
Walk This Way
Walker Texas Rangers
Walking Wounded

Performing some sort of exercises such as aerobics, strength training, or flexibility exercises will not only increase your joint health, oxygen, and balance, but decrease your risk for heart disease. An average 154 lb individual that walks briskly, can easily burn 460 calories in a hour. Walking with others can help to increase motivation and keep you moving. The below infographic outlines interesting facts and statistics about heart disease.

Cardio Exercise Facts

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