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32 Academic Decathlon Speech Topics

When it comes to participating in an academic decathlon speech, be sure to find an engaging and fresh topic to stalk about. Choose how you wish to start it and be sure to provide your best possible text and non verbal communication. Show your audience what you want them to think, do not just tell them about it. Be sure to smile, make eye contact, and use good posture. The following series of academic decathlon speech topics will help you brainstorm for your focal subject when you participate.

Adult children living at home can be a pain.
Are sports really good for us.
Banning Beauty Contests
Do Schools Have the Rights to Search Student Lockers.
Does Television have a Negative Influence on Society.
Guys Gossip More Than Girls.
How to Apply Face Paint.
It is not wrong to steal bread to feed your family.
Laughing is a Medicine.
Limit alternatives to make your choices easier.
Lip reading.
Men are happier than Women.
New ways to save gasoline.
Potty train your child in one day.
Save Money Now, Spend Later.
Should assisted suicide be legalized.
Should cell phone use in cars be banned.
Should examinations be replaced with other forms of assessments.
Should factory farming be banned.
Should governments be sending people into space.
Should negative advertising in political campaigns be banned.
Should school require students to wear uniforms.
Should schools face mandatory drug tests.
Should the morning after pill be banned?
Should the state be fully pivatized.
Should we ban keeping animals in circuses.
Should we legalize the sale of human organs.
Should young people be subjected to curfews as a way to reduce crime.
Speak in text lingo/net lingo.
Stem Cell Research.
Why Being Fair Doesn’t Work All the Time.
Why the Work Week should be Shorter

While delivering your speech, the body language used is an integral part to giving a successful speech. Be sure to open your chest and arms while varying your gestures to keep the attention of the audience. With presentations, be sure to point directly at it and look on the screen. Walk around towards people to help encourage their participation.

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