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15 Inspiring Design Quotes from Design Legends


Design has always been at the crux of every creation. Whether we talk about the Victorian era architecture or the gadgets and gizmos that fill up the racks at a nearby store, design is the quintessential element in making what the products would eventually be and ultimately are. Every noteworthy product in recent times, as well as in the medieval and pre-modern times, has had one thing in common – immaculate, transparent, simple, utilitarian and impressive design.

What is Design

Design is a form of art. By the very definition, art doesn’t have to be complicated as many intellectuals or apparently great accomplishers perceive and propagate. If art is simplified, understandable and utilitarian, it is a better manifestation of the very same form of art. The difference between artworks such as painting or literature and design is that the latter needs to find practical utility. The design of a multi-story building is not confined to the space on the wall or to the imagination of the reader of a prose. It has practical engagement and thus has to be technically sound as well.

Any aspiring designer or an existing design company would find precious advice in our list of 15 inspiring design quotes. We have compiled the list to include legends who had made their mark a century ago and there are many who are still dictating the stock markets and the world of advertising, designing and sales by what they say. The wisdom these inspiring design quotes would impart to you are priceless.

What the Quotes Mean

You would realise one common thread that all these quotes share with each other. They are all endorsing design as a coalesce of philosophy, understanding of consumers’ sensibilities and the markets at large. Also, these quotes make it inarguably clear that any great design needs to be simple, technically perfect and artistically satiating. Design is not just a trademark of a company. It marks the existence and presence of a company in myriad ways. The communicative abilities and the branding effects of design are also encapsulated in some of the quotes on our compiled list.

Every professional requires coaching or mentoring. Expertise and experience are not the same thing. Being wise and having wisdom are not the same either. These 15 inspiring design quotes can contribute experience to the expertise of a designer and impart wisdom to any wise artist. What better way to start a new year than to broaden one’s understanding of what one does.

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