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How to Run a Productive Office Filled with Happy Employees


Most workplaces are becoming increasingly unproductive. Professionals who struggle to maintain an optimum work-life balance are unhappy with their jobs and that further adds to their poor productivity. A lot of time in most offices is spent on tasks that bear no fruits at the end of the day or month. The office ambience, work culture and the general mood of the workforce are also important elements that must be considered to run a productive and happy office.

Happy Employees Means Productive Employees

There is an old saying that happy employees make the most productive workers. Technology, software and all other gifts of modernization have made many mundane and complicated tasks unprecedentedly simpler but what has worsened is the ambience at workplaces. To worsen matters, challenges have grown, the world has become more competitive and hectic lifestyle has an all new definition which makes the term hectic humdrum sound mild.

Fortunately, there are many ways to do away with the ill effects of a 21st century office and to strike a balance that can help both the company and its workforce. In the info-graphic, you would discover the pitfalls of the present day corporate world and there are relevant solutions to do away with the challenges. Any problem can be resolved and all challenges can be overcome, provided one has the right tools, the right understanding and the right approach.

A substantial portion of the weekly work hours of most employees are clearly unproductive. Unclear goals, confused priorities, rigid communication policies within the office and focus on many activities and commitments that are not really helpful to the eventual cause are some of the challenges that are persistent in most offices. These can be easily avoided in their entirety. All that one needs is the right approach.

Ways to Increase Happiness

Ongoing training, relevant strategies at relevant jobs, proper prioritizing, doing away with procrastination and having a cheerful workplace are some of the easiest ways to run a productive and happy office. Being appreciative of the staffs who perform well, to encourage the staffs to have a personal life, to have well designated times during the day for a bit of everything including some merrymaking or social networking can go a long way in changing the very atmosphere of a workplace. Running a productive and happy office isn’t rocket science. It just needs some thought, effort and implementation of necessary changes.

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