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4 Simple Techniques for Turning a Facebook Fan into a Customer

Social networking and social media marketing are the two of the three major elements of internet marketing, the other one being search engine optimization. When you are trying to capitalize on social networks such as Facebook, your first objective is to develop a strong presence so you can get noticed, create a larger outreach and get people to like your brand, products and services. In other words, you need Facebook fans.

A guide to the primary components to managing your Facebook business page to increase your conversion.

Guide to a Facebook Business Page

There are many challenges that are in store for you when you intend to get Facebook fans but once you have got them, a healthy number to be proud and happy about, how do you capitalize on the asset.

Capitalizing with Facebook

You may have five thousand fans on Facebook or a hundred thousand, unless you are able to capitalize on this database, your company wouldn’t really benefit. Your company would albeit get some publicity and more people would know of your brand and perhaps even like your products and services, but that wouldn’t have a noticeable direct impact which is tangible and recordable.

The Breakdown of Social Media Conversion

To have tangible results, you need sales. To get sales, you need your Facebook fans to pay up. Not many users or social networkers would like your page only to shell out money. They like something because it is worth liking and not to spend money or to be a mere number or statistic. Hence, you need some very clever ways to convert Facebook fans to customers.

4 Simple Ways To Turn Facebook Fans Into Paying Customers is a simple guide for every company that intends to capitalize on its Facebook database.

Fans like to be treated exclusively. If you launch a marketing or advertising campaign which is all over the place in the virtual world, your fan base is unlikely to react to such an initiative. Even if they react to it, they would be unlikely to pay any money for the same. They would pay up however if there is a promotional campaign or some offer that is exclusively put forth for them. For instance, a discount that is meant only for the fans on Facebook will get them interested. The fans would feel happy to be rewarded for being a fan and in the process they would buy your product or service while enjoying the exclusive fan discount or offer.

Many such aspects are discussed in this info-graphic that shall help you to capitalise on your social network fan following.

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