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4 Keys to Google Adwords Optimization

Google Adwords Optimization

Optimizing Adwords from Traditional Way to The New Way

Over time, it has been observed that people with limited knowledge approach this challenge the same way. Hence the aged long saying, “If all you have is a hammer, the world would look like a nail to you.” This is true especially for agencies that have structured Adword™ accounts, all in a bit to get the most return on investments. It all begins with the proper structuring of words in a manner that enhances performance. This articles seeks to highlight the methods of doing this to achieve the best results.

If you pay Google to get a click, in other words, you pay them $10 for every potential client they send to your website, does this make sense? Well, if the client makes purchase worth $100, then it is a great deal else, if they do not, then it is a bad idea.

When we seek to balance these scenarios, we are talking about optimization. This can be achieved by having an in-depth understanding of all the variables that are relevant to the outcome. This can be used to get the optimum out of the next click.

The Four Variables That Enables Optimization

1. Campaigns
These are a collection of adverts that are organised in such a manner as to promote the products. it comes in form of product catalog or site navigation.

2. Ad Groups
With respect to the campaign, there are some adverts that are smaller in comparison with the campaign level.

3. Keywords
These are search words that are typed into search that brings up the adverts.

4. Ads
This is related to the keywords and there are lots of keywords used in an advert group.

Old vs New Comparison

1. Campaigns
In the old way, different campaigns are initiated with unique products, each having a distinct CPA goal. The campaign is a function of the budget and are sometimes limited, resulting in missing some advert impressions. With this, campaign managers believe that intent for purchase can be driven by campaign structure.

With the new methods, there is a difference between what people look for and what they purchase, this is not driven by campaigns at all. The Keyword/Ad is the most important consideration. It is recommended that separate campaigns are run for different sections like language, Domain, Geo-target. Buy this methods, the budget is shared by all campaigns. This will prevent duplicate keywords arising from multiple campaigns.

2. Ad Group
The old method does not allow the identification of Ads that actually work best for each keyword. With this methods, the performance of a particular keyword is influenced by another keyword.

In the new method, keywords are directly related to ad groups. Emphasis is laid on the keyword with highest impression with the aim of performing split testing on ads. This gives the chance of improved quality since adverts now have a better quality scope.

3. Keywords
By the old method, precise phrases and broad keywords were placed in the same group and were bid at the same Max CPC.

With the new method, Keywords should have varying rate of conversion and they should be bid at different amounts.

4. Ads
Adverts like “Great prices of items” might have been good a few years ago, in contemporary times, the target advert gets clicked.

The new method employs the use of dynamic keywords insertion for targeted and dynamic ads. Ad Parameters (Prices and quantity), product specification details and advert extension (Social, site link), product listing Ads (PLAs) are very effective for lots of products.

The placement of your adverts in relation to your completion is determined by two factors. They are:
1. How much are you willing to pay for the click.
2. The Ad’s score quality.

When your data is structured for optimization, you are able to increase your quality score and bid much more precisely.

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