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List of 43 Good IT Company Names

Within the last several years, the Information Technology (IT) industry has seen a 6% growth. With a total yearly revenue of over $600 billion, research and development spending within the United States technology sector has been on the rise averaging over $125 billion in 2011 alone. This also accounts for more than 55% of the overall industry. With more than 100,000 software the IT service companies in the United States, programmers, design firms, and more have contributed to nearly 2 million jobs in the last decade. The following list is of small and local IT company names throughout the United States that have managed to enter this industry.

Accelerance, Inc.
Acro Service Corporation
Bottomline Technologies
BoxTone, Inc.
BroadPoint Technologies Inc.
Business Intelligence Associations, INC (BSI)
Canvas Infotech
Dasher Technologies
Distributed Systems Services Inc.
Excel Business Systems
Freeborders, Inc.
Greenwire Technology Solutions
hCentive – Technology Solutions
iCorps Technologies
IncWorx Consulting
InfiNet Solutions
IT and Communications Company
Jexet Technologies
JMark Business Solutions Inc.
Mentor Graphics
Miles Technologies
Mobile PC Doctors
NetStandard Inc.
Nex Tec Group
Next Level Cafe
Northwest Communications
One Network Enterprises
Open Systems International Inc.
Productive Edge
Rackspace Hosting
STG Inc.
Systemware Inc.
Vintage IT Services
Vision33 Inc.
Vocollect Inc.

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