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4 Great FRG Fundraising Ideas

A Family Readiness Group enables those families that have a parent, brother or relative going into the army to receive support. Oftentimes, families are the ones forgotten along the way and the transition can be almost impossible to bare alone.

Family members need not only a place wherein they can reduce stress and vent, but also a place where they can find a form of mutual support. These groups are often broken down into units and become an integral part of a person’s life during deployment.

The truth of the matter is that families will be going through turmoil while their loved one is away. When children are involved, this may mean an immense amount of stress with not knowing how to coup with the possibility of a new deployment or the loss of a loved one. Oftentimes, these groups are not well funded and there will be fundraising ideas that become a necessity. A few FRG fundraising ideas can work wonders for a group, but first, you must understand some legalities.

1. Legal Rules

Before fundraising, you must first inquire with the group to see what is allowed. The following are the norm:

• No soliciting is allowed. This means this is strictly a donation process.
• Auctioning off any government owned goods, even a person’s uniform or a parking space, is not legal.

As long as these rules are followed, remember to inquire about the yourself, the fundraising can begin.

2. Bake Sale Ideas

There is the possibility of throwing a major bake sale that is a community event. Typically, the community will want to show their support, but it takes a little effort on your part. The tricky part is that you cannot technically sell these goods.

Instead, you must place a can with a recommended donation amount on the table. The goal is that everyone will pay the minimum donation amount listed. Oftentimes, this will end up being more than the listed amount and turns out to be a very profitable endeavor.

There are a variety of options open with a bake sale. The following are great ways to boost sales, or donations:

Popular Baked Goods: People tend to want smaller goods. This means cookies and brownies work best. Refrigerated items do not fare well at room temperature for long.

Donated Goods: Oftentimes, the actual cooking of the goods can be very expensive. This expense can be alleviated if a person can find a store that is willing to donate some goods for the cause. Oftentimes, a donut shop or local pastry shop will donate their goods for a bit of free advertising.

Community Event: Communities will gather together in support of FRG. This means that asking any residents to bring goods to provide for donations may be a wise choice. By donating their time, they will often find that their goods were a big hit. At the end of the night, all of the money will be given to the local FRG.

3. Raffles

Raffles are a great choice for donations and one that can be very fun and exciting. In fact, raffles can be done at community events, such as festivals or carnivals with great success. While a money raffle may be out of the question, here are a few great ideas that will be sure to be a big hit.

• Dates: A raffle date is definitely not for those that are married, but it is a fun way for people to donate to a cause. Essentially, each person that donates will get a ticket and a chance to go on a date with a person listed. This can be someone, such as a sergeant, or it can be any singles in the area.
• Police Ride: Local police may want to donate to your cause. A police ride around town is often a big hit and one that goes over very well at a raffle.
• Donated Goods: Stores or family members may donate goods to be raffled off. An old TV may sell well and bring in a lot of donations. Antique items are also a fan favorite.
• Dunking: The chance to dunk a town mayor or a local is also another fun raffle idea. This means a person must not mind being wet. However, it is for a great cause.

4. Flea Markets

Oftentimes, the best FRG fundraising ideas are the most simple. Every person in the group can bring items that they no longer need to a flea market and sell them. Once all of the money has been collected, it can be donated to the group itself.

There are many items that do well at flea markets from jewelry to clothing. Virtually any items that a person does not want will sell for something. Take charge and really begin to collect all of the items you no longer need. By going to a flea market, the items are bound to sell quickly.

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