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51 Cool Spelling Bee Team Names

The National spelling bee competition has provides a competition with almost 300 participants between the ages of 6 and 15. Majority of the contestants are 12 years and up. Dominated for the last decade by Indian-American students, a year old homeschooled student from California took home the top spot . Whole the majority of homeschoolers make up just 2% of American’s population, more than 10% of spelling bee contestants are homeschooled. A selection of spelling bee team names are intended to encourage collaboration and motivation for testing your spelling skills.

A Play on Words
Artful Spellerz
Aurora Aces
Bee Witched
Beeyond Beelief
Better Bees
Better Than Autocorrect
Board of Ed Buzz
Buzz Words
Cast a Spell
Family Buzzers
Highway to Spell
Hilarious Spell Loehrs
Letter Righters
Literacy Heroes
Phonetic Phoenix
Shining Stars
Spell Casters
Spelling Combat
Spelling Match
Spelling School
Super Spellrz
Takin’ Care of Buzz’ness
The Alphabetizers
The BEEch Bums
The BEEched whales
The Beenevolent Bees
The Bees Knees
The BEEtles
The Beevarians
The Extreme Beeings
The Goode Spellerz
The Hip Bees
The Letter Right-ers
The Spellicans
The Spelling Beegle
The Word Nerds
To Bee or Not to Bee
Trials in Spelling
We Spell Krazy Good
Webster and the Spelltones
Word Busters
Worker’s Bees

The below infographic provides a series of common spelling and grammar mistakes performed. With the increasing use of informal writing online, more writers and users are making spelling and grammar mistakes. A series of the top 15 most common writing errors are provided below.

Common Grammer Mistakes

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