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75 Best World Peace Campaign Slogans

Here is a list of the 75 best world peace campaign slogans and taglines.

Anything Violence can do, Peace can do better.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

Bullets can’t bring peace.

Conversation, not confrontation.

Did the piece, Keep the peace.

Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you.

Don’t Hate, Appreciate.

Drop names. Not bombs.

End the violence, keep the peace.

For a better long haul. let there be Peace for all.

For a more peaceful day, war is not the way.

From sea to shining sea, let there be peace and harmony.

From the mountains to the sea, let there be peace and harmony.

Give Peace a chance.

Hear my plea, for peace and harmony.

Hear the call for Peace for all.

I am a peace warrior.

It can’t be wrong to get along.

It is possible to live in peace.

Its all just a peace of cake.

Let us embrace the beauty of every culture and faith to create peace in our world.

No compassion, no peace. Know compassion, know peace.

North, South, East, West, Let Peace be our Quest

On our own we glitter… Together we shine.

Our goal must not be peace for our time, but peace for all time.

Peace begins with You.

Peace brings the world together.

Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.

peace is a weapon through which we can change the whole world!

Peace is angel war is ghost.

Peace is cheaper.

Peace is in piece, not pieces.

Peace is its own reward.

Peace is my religion, all we need is love.

Peace is our gift to each other.

Peace is patriotic.

Peace is Possible.

Peace is Profitable.

Peace is the Final Frontier.

Peace is the way for a better day.

Peace is the way, Peace is the key, for a better world for you and me.

Peace talks now.

Peace today peace tomorrow, let us not drown this world in sorrows.

Peace today, Peace tomorrow, Peace will prevent much sorrow.

Peace wanted alive.

Peace will be victorious.

Peace will save the world.

Peace! Bread! Land!

Peace, not shattered lived.

Peace: Either learn to live with it or rest in it.

Peaceful Resolution is the best solution.

Power To The Peaceful.

Put The Peace Back In.

Skip the war, start the peace now.

Speak now for forever lose your peace.

The way of peace… Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.

There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.

There was never a good war or a bad peace.

Think outside the bomb.

This Planet is for Peace!

To reach peace, teach peace.

Unite people and create peace.

Violence breeds violence. let’s breed peace.

War is always a mistake.

War is costly. Peace is priceless.

War is expensive, Peace is priceless. World Peace.

War is not pro life.

War is Psychotic, Peace is Patriotic.

War is so last century.

We need peace for a better life.

We work as a team, because Peace is our Dream.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

Where there is love there is peace.

Work as a solid team to make peace a realized dream.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

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Trends in globalization have provided opportunities for an international united front. This partnership builds a bridge towards creating world peace. However, in the present time, threats to globalization made by an emerging underclass in developing countries make it difficult for world peace to exist. Efforts made towards nuclear proliferation exemplify the first step towards ending global threats between nations.

World peace is a globally united effort. The United Nations plays an instrumental role in peacekeeping with the cooperation of 193 member states. With a $7.41 billion dollar budget, peacekeeping efforts encompass over 4 continents. The below infographic outlines statistics regarding this global partnership.
UN Peacekeeping Statistics

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