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37 Tips from the Best Facebook Advertising Campaigns

37 Tips from the Best Facebook Advertising Campaigns

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How to Create a Top Facebook Ad Campaign

Creating a Facebook page for your company is like opening up shop in a prime location in the latest mall, except this is on a global scale. Facebook has around 1 billion users and the best place to grow your business through viral marketing.

The Basics of Facebook Ads

Start off by creating a Facebook Page if your business doesn’t have one yet. Get a Facebook vanity URL, for a cleaner and more memorable web address. Then add a custom Facebook App to your page. You can set the App as the landing page for your Page. A custom designed Facebook Page can improve your chances of success and make you stand out from the multitude of similar looking Pages.

The call to action is the most important part of a successful Facebook Page. A call to action could be to like the page in order to receive a special discount, offer, or contest entry.

Collecting user contact information is essential to building a list of prospects. Visitors to your Page can opt-in to your mailing list through email programs like Aweber, Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. On Facebook, click through rates are usually very high. You can expect 70% to 80% of users to share their email address. To encourage the viral effect of Facebook, the App can ask users to share with a few friends. The number of clicks required to share the App should be kept to a minimum, to improve the sharing rate.

Ad Analytics

Monitor the analytics in the Facebook Ads Manager to see how well your ad is performing. Another useful resource is the Facebook Insights for Apps. Both these tools are free to use, so make the most of them.

Optimize your Facebook through A/B testing. Create multiple Ads with different variations and choose the best performer. Begin with larger design choices and slowly work towards the smaller details for optimal results.

Aiming for a minimum click through rate 2% to 4% is a good base target. Also, try to get 25% of clicks to like the page as well.

Keeping the Momentum

As you gather more and more likes and user emails, don’t ignore your ad. Keep it going and continue optimizing it and engaging with users. Send fans special offers and discounts to create an incentive and urgency to buy from you. People who have “liked” your business page are more likely to convert. Once your campaign has become a success, share the results on your blog for further promotion.

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