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10 Great LinkedIn Tips and Tricks

10 Great LinkedIn Tips and Tricks

How to Use the Full Potential of LinkedIn

This social network for professionals is a great tool that can help you market yourself and the work you do. Make sure you are using LinkedIn effectively with these three key ideas.

Optimize Your Profile

1. Add a relevant profile photo that helps support your brand and business. It is best to avoid logos or product profile shots.

2. Change your tile with a positioning statement which clearly tells people how you could help them. Your title simply tells people what you are, but a compelling statement will make people sit up and listen to you.

3. Customize your profile and web url’s.

4. Adding applications can take your basic profile page and really bring it to life. There are lots of very useful and dynamic apps such as Twitter, Google Docs, Worpress and Slideshare that makes it easier to share information with others.

Expand Your Reach

5. Work on a networking strategy that works for you. Join at least several groups that are relevant to your industry. Connect with your fellow members by having discussions and sharing useful and valuable content. If you have the time to manage it, starting your own group is a great idea.

6. Don’t forget about the larger network of people on the site.

7. Engage the whole of LinkedIn through the use of polls, answers, news and targeted ads.

Leverage Available Tools

8. Setup a company page and add your company information, videos, product and service details and special offers.

9. You can communicate your message indirectly with the use of answers, status updates, joining or starting a new discussion, polls, applications and event. Also create a tagline instead of a basic title, so that even more people will come across your message.

10. LinkedIn is a great place for prospecting as well. Search around for promising prospects, vendors and referral partners using all the advanced search features available to you.

Follow the above advice to start realizing the full potential that LinkedIn offers.

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