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10 Top Hottest Blog Topics by Popularity and Revenue

10 Top Hottest Blog Topics by Popularity and Revenue

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Everything You Ought to Know About the Blogosphere

Blogging began in the early 90’s in the form of online journal sharing. People would post about their thoughts, interests and hobbies.

Popular Blog Platforms

The ways blogs are setup have changed greatly in all these years. Typically a blog would just be a standalone HTML site built from scratch. But now days, blog platforms are the preferred way that millions of people use to create their own individual or company blog.

WordPress is the biggest platform with 43% of platform built blogs using it as their foundation. A massive 402 million people view more than 3.5 billion pages per month on just WordPress alone.

Blogger is another platform with a respectable market share of 35%. Tumblr, Typepad and Posterous operate 16% of the user base. The remaining 6% are split amongst smaller platforms.

The Voice of the Internet

Around 60% of bloggers are male, with the remaining 40% being female. Here is a breakdown of the blogging population according to age group:

20 and under – 20.2 %
21-35 year olds – 53.3 %
36-50 year olds – 19.4 %
51 and up – 7.1 %

The biggest group are young adults who account for just over half of bloggers. The next biggest group by a slight lead are the 20 and under bloggers.

There are over 31 million bloggers in the USA alone. The US bloggers make up for around 29% of the worldwide blogging population. That is actually four times as much as the UK, which is the second largest with 6.75 % of bloggers located there.

The Money

For most people blogging is just a fun hobby that they do in their spare time and doesn’t make enough money to live on. 81% of bloggers never make any more than $100 from blogging. However, 8% of bloggers do earn enough to support a family, and 9% can sustain their lifestyle on blogging for around 4 to 6 hours a day. A very small percentage (about 2%) can spend just 1 or 2 hours a day blogging and make 150K a year.

Blog Trustworthiness

Many people are becoming less trusting of traditional media, compared to several years ago. In stark contrast, blogs are increasingly taken more seriously, and some people believe that blogs are written better than the traditional media sources.

Business Blogging

More than 60% of businesses and companies have their own blog. Though, good blogging practice is still not followed by many. 65% haven’t updated a blog in over a year. Only 35% of businesses write a blog post at least once per month.

Blogs and Social Media

Most bloggers use Facebook to promote their blog. Around half also link their blog to their Twitter. Over the last few years, the effectiveness of referral from Facebook and Twitter has increased, making these social platforms an effective way of driving traffic to your blog.

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