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37 First Rate Frugal Living Blog Names

Being frugal with your funds will allow you to focus on future wealth management strategies and preserve your money for future goals and travel. These great frugal living blog names from existing bloggers serve as the perfect example to the type of strategies you can follow for meeting your financial goals in the future.

A Cultivated Nest
Bacons on a Budget
Beautiful Budgets
Believe in a Budget
Budget Bytes
Budget Pulse
Budget Travel
Creative Savings
Family Balance Sheet
Frugal and Thriving
Frugal Family Home
Frugal Fanatic
Frugal Living Mom
Frugality Gal
Frugally Blonde
Good Budget
Growing Slower
Living Well Spending Less
Making Sense of Cents
Meet Penny
Mending the Piggy Bank
Mom on Purpose
Mommies with Cents
My Frugal Adventures
My Frugal Home
Penniless Parenting
Premeditated Leftovers
Six Figures Under
The Budget Decorator
The Budget Mama
The Busy Budgeter
The Frugal Girls
The Peaceful Mom
Thrift Frugal Mom
Today’s Frugal Mom
Wise Bread
You Need a Budget

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