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11 Ways to Get Out of a Rut


Life can get tough sometimes. Routines are beneficial to our productivity. Do them too often, however, and it can feel like you’re stuck in a rut.

If you want life to change, but are unsure of what to do to create that change, then here are some ideas to help you get unstuck.

1) Be Spontaneous.
Leave work early one day or take a day off. Go to a movie you want to see. Explore another community without planning the experience. Being spontaneous can feel like a full vacation experience, even if you only have a few hours to spare.

2) Stay in the Moment.
If you’re greatest joy comes from getting through whatever tasks are in your way, then take some time to just be in the moment. Stay there to enjoy the beauty you find. Sometimes, having your bare feet in the grass can change your entire perspective.

3) Push Forward.
There are times in life when it feels like we go nowhere fast. When that happens, try stepping outside of your comfort zone. Push forward into new frontiers. Take a risk. Maybe you’ll fail. Maybe you won’t.

4) Focus on You.
With social media, it can feel like everyone is living a perfect life. That makes it easier to envy the lives of our family, friends, and associates. Try to do one positive thing for yourself every day and make it an important part of the day.

5) Accept Results.
If you feel like you’re working hard, and nothing is getting done, then you could be struggling with perfectionism. Give each task your best shot. Stuff will get done. High standards are fine. Perfect standards can often be unobtainable.

6) Remember the Good Times.
Boredom tends to strike when we have unplanned down time. When this occurs, recall activities you enjoyed before getting stuck in a rut. Remember how you felt during those activities. Then go do them again.

7) Find Balance.
When life gets busy, the daily routine usually involves going to work, then going home. Spending time with family and friends is kept to a minimum. If this happens, you must find a better balance between your personal and professional responsibilities. Without balance, there are fewer dynamic elements to both aspects of life.

There is a purpose to everything you do. You can take charge of your role in life. You can choose happiness. If you can recognize that you’re stuck in a rut, then do something about it, you’ll soon be on the road to recovery.

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