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36 Funny Family Reunion Slogans

As society is provided technology to easily communicate with their relatives, you would assume reunions have become less popular. There is less of a need to travel to a destination for a large scale family gathering. However, the opposite is true. More than 72 million people, more so than ever, participate in family reunions. Technology has allowed more of an ease in planning. Instead of home cooking, most families prefer to cater with golf resorts hitting the top of the charts as chosen destinations. The following catalog of family reunion slogans are popular among others around the nation and have been used at previous gatherings. These are meant to inspire you to invent your own family reunion slogan and keep the tradition alive.

A past to remember, a present to celebrate, a future to generate.
All Roads Leads Home.
All things may change; but we start and end with family.
At the end of the day Family find everything forgivable.
Back to our Roots.
Each of us Long to be – in the warm embrace of Family.
Eat. Drink. Play. Sleep. It’s family reunion time.
FAMILY = Father And Mother I Love You.
Family is a string of millions of magnificent moments.
Family is Like Brownies – mostly sweet with a few nuts.
Family is our most valuable natural resource.
Family is the link to our past and the bridge to our future.
Family let you be who you are because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Far Apart In Miles But Bound Together In Love.
From a Common Thread.
From the Root to the Fruit. Ain’t we a Hoot.
Gathering around the family tree.
Hard to believe our family tree produced so many nuts!
Homecoming: human is the only creature that allow their children to come back home.
Hugs Are Fully Returnable.
In Time of Rest – in Time of Test – Family is Best.
It’s Never Too Far For Family.
Love Still Keeps Us Together.
May the circle remain unbroken.
Our chains may stretch little, but they never break.
Our family is a circle of Love and Strength.
Recognizing the accomplishment of our past and Celebrating the possibilities for the future.
Reunited and it feel so good.
Reuniting the past and shaping the future.
Survivor of the ___________ Family Reunion.
The Legacy Never Ends.
The love in our family grows strong and deep, leaving use memories to treasure and keep.
We are the people your mom warned you about.
We Gather to Strengthen our bond – to celebrate our future – we are as One.
We put the fun in dysfunctional!
We’re so elated ’cause we’re all related.

Planning a family reunion can be a daunting task. The infographic below outlines 10 easy tips for making your next reunion a successful one. Almost half of individuals prefer the summertime for vacation and group gatherings.
Tips to Planning a Family Reunion

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