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35 Great Catchy Cause Marketing Slogans

Cause marketing is a very effective way to advertise a product or service. It is when you take up a humanitarian cause and donate part of the profits to charity. Slogans are a very common way to cause market. Here are some great examples of cause marketing slogans to give you ideas for your own cause marketing campaign.

All profits for charity.
Box tops for education.
Buckets for the cure.
Chicken raised with care, not chemicals.
Clicks for kids.
Community giving.
Cooley cares for kids.
Dishing out meals.
Do some good.
Do the (red) thing.
Doing good never tasted so good.
Doing well by doing good.
Drops of good.
Free the Forced.
Give with Target.
Help end hunger.
Here’s to our soldiers.
Hike the path the justice.
I’m one of the bunch.
Lace up. Save lives.
Look good, feel good.
Our turn to serve.
Pampers for unicef.
Pretty fast isn’t good enough.
Race for the cure.
Saluting the spirit of real women.
Save lids to save lives.
Share a little comfort.
This is one bucket you don’t want to miss.
To those who occupy: we stand with you.
Together, we’re going to do a lot of good.
Vote for the world you want to live in.
We care we share.
We’re going the extra mile to help end hunger.
You’re in good hands.

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