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13 Remarkable YouTube Advertising Tips


Here are some key points to takeaway from this infographic…

1) How Many People Watch Videos on YouTube Each Month?
A lot with a number that keeps growing. For this reason alone, YouTube ads are great. Something that makes them even better is the fact that you only have to pay for ads when they are watched. There are even four different types of as that you can choose from. Pick whichever one you feel would work best for your brand, style, and budget.

2) Get Your YouTube Ad Campaign Started.
Keep it public, listed, and under 5 minutes. Try to make the aspect ratio either 4:3 or 16:9. Use one of the required video formats. Then, use a few tactics to get your ad video watched. Name it something snappy, give it a description, and be sure that others can find it. Use a few keywords and key phrases so users can find your ad if searching for it. Get an account on AdWords, upload your video, and launch it. Wait about 4 days and your ad should start appearing on YouTube. Remember that you can edit your ad campaign even while it is going on.

3) Target Your Audience While Making Your Ad.
Think about things like age and gender when creating ads. Choose a topic for your ad that is sure to catch their attention. Be sure to include keywords that your key audience is sure to use. In the same vein, be sure to distance yourself from any keywords that you feel your audience will not connect with. Place your ad on webpages where you audience is more likely to see it. You may also want to place it within a relevant interest category on the site.

4) Prep Yourself To Create The Best Ad Video Possible.
Keep shooting it until you get it entirely correct. Get the right equipment for the job. Plan your method of attack. You may even want to use or write a script. Lay out your ad in such a way that will grab the users’ attention. Let them know what they should do after viewing your ad, too. Create something that they will love to watch, and that tells them a story from start to end. Just do you best to keep your entire ad between half a minute and 40 seconds.

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