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35 Catchy Cooking Oil Slogans

Various cooking oils have been know to be healthy and unhealthy. No matter if you are looking for low trans fat oil or trying to be heart healthy, these catchy cooking oil slogans are perfect for communicating the unique brand value and characteristics of the specific product.

A drop of oil burned is a bucket of glacier melted… Use it with caution.
A trans-fat free cooking oil.
Bad oil adds foil in your life!
Cook it with care, well done not rare.
Cooking is like making love, you do it well, or you do not do it at all.
Don’t Spoil Our Environment.
Eat Healthy, Start Living.
Eat Plenty, Live Healthy.
For Your Family.
Generations to come will pay the price. Use oil judiciously.
Happy. Healthy. Home-made.
If a pot is cooking, the friendship will stay warm.
Made for Great Cooking.
Made with Heart.
Oil and water don’t mix.
Oil Has Never Looked So Good.
Oil of Life, Oil of Olive.
Oil spillers are killers.
Our Goal, Healthy Oil.
Overly Excited About Oil.
Pure Oil, Pure Life.
Quality Oil. Quality Service.
Right Variety for Your Recipe.
Soil Not Oil.
Spread the word, not the oil.
Stop the Oilshed.
Taste The Flavor. Miss The Fat.
The health of many, the wealth of few.
The Oil That’s Changing Oil.
The oil you can live with.
There’s no Cooking like my Cooking.
We Know Oil.
Windmills not Oil Spills.
You’ll never miss the fat.
Your Health Our Mission.

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