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35 Astonishing Ernie J. Zelinski Quotes

Ernie Zelinski is an international bestselling author, life coach, and professional speaker. He focuses in sharing invaluable information related to living a full, free, and prosperous life. This sort of action will ensure the individual can reach financial freedom and while living stress free. With his books selling more than 900,000 copies around the globe, here are some of the best documented Ernie Zelinski quotes to keep in mind.

“Anything great that has been accomplished in the history of humanity has started with one small thought. We all have those thoughts; few people do anything with theirs, however. What do you intend to do with yours?”

“Being unemployed is the true test of who you really are.”

“Commuter — one who spends his life ; In riding to and from his wife; A man who shaves and takes a train, And then rides back to shave again.”

“Creativity is the joy of not knowing it all.”

“Exceptional talent and extraordinary creativity are irrelevant! It’s what you do with what little you have that counts big time in the end.”

“Good deeds are seldom remembered; bad deeds are seldom forgotten.”

“If the grass on the other side of the fence is greener, try watering your side.”

“If you are a happy person, don’t spend your time trying to make an unhappy person happy. Near as I can tell, you have to be a magician to pull it off.”

“Instead of Criticizing Someone’s Success, Why Not Learn Something Valuable from It?”

“It isn’t much of a book of quotations if I am not in it.”

“Misery doesn’t only love company. It demands it. For this reason, don’t walk away from negative people. RUN!”

“Most people are too busy working on insignificant projects and pursuing life’s frivolities to tap their creative abilities. It’s a mistake to be one of them. Striving for excellence where excellence doesn’t matter is the stuff misfits are made of.”

“Never economize on the small luxuries of life. Drinking fine wine and eating chocolate won’t solve your problems – but they won’t hurt either.”

“Ordinary People Attain Extraordinary Success – You Can Too!”

“Prescription for Life-long Happiness: Purpose enough for satisfaction; Work enough for sustenance; Sanity enough to know when to play and rest; Wealth enough for basic needs; Affection enough to like many and love a few; Self-respect enough to love yourself; Charity enough to give to others in need; Courage enough to face difficulties; Creativity enough to solve problems; Humor enough to laugh at will; Hope enough to expect an interesting tomorrow; Gratitude enough to appreciate what you have; Health enough to enjoy life for all its worth.”

“Put money in it’s place. Money can buy you cars, houses, trinkets, fleeting sex, shallow companionship, cheap attention, and unfulfilled status. However, it can’t buy you peace, love, or happiness.”

“Real success doesn’t care how you get there.”

“Regardless of how little time and work someone takes to perform a task, there has to be a more efficient and effective way to perform it.”

“Sex is Number 1 of my Top-10 joys in retirement. Number 2 is reading How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free. I forgot the other eight.”

“Talking about creativity is useless if you don’t do anything magical with yours.”

“The best advice that anyone can give you for choosing a specific career is never to accept someone else’s advice. Indeed, one of the biggest reasons for choosing the career you have chosen should be that no one told you to.”

“The longer you work, the more money you’ll have for retirement. But the longer you work, the less time you’ll have to enjoy that retirement.”

“The problem with people nowadays is that a ‘necessity’ is any luxury your neighbor happens to have.”

“The universe defies you to answer the following questions: What good is a high paying career if it leaves you continually stressed out and miserable? What good is owning a large stately house if the only time you spend in it is when you sleep in it? What good is having a lot of interesting possessions if you never have the free time to enjoy them? Above all, what good is having a family if you seldom see any of its members?”

“There are two principles for creative success – one general and one definitive. The general principle is that everyone has the ability to be creative and make a big difference in this world. The definitive principle is that almost everyone has volunteered to be exempt from the general principle.”

“There’s Insanity on Both Sides of the Debate When You Argue with an Idiot.”

“To fear retirement is to fear life.”

“Understand that workaholics aren’t productive people. Quite the contrary. A workaholic is someone who takes twice as much time to accomplish half as much as a Lazy Achiever.”

“You Are Already a Millionaire – Your Creativity Makes It So.”

“You are fooling yourself whenever you think you are productive just because you have worked fourteen hours in a day. You will be truly productive when you do the same amount of work in four hours, and take the other ten hours to enjoy the good things life has to offer.”

“You can accomplish more than you think you can. most of your limitations are in your mind.”

“You were given three special gifts when you were born: the gifts of life, love, and laughter.”

“Your best retirement plan for retiring happy and prosperous – don’t be a burden on others.”

“Your prosperity and happiness will ultimately be determined by the enrichment you create for others in this world. If whatever you are doing does not enrich your life, or that of others, then it’s time to do something else.”

“You’re financially independent if you have $15,000 coming in and $14,900 going out.”

Ernie Zelinski commonly refers to himself as ‘Doctor Freedom.’ Check out this video to see the great advice Zelinski shares for stepping away from your career and truly finding a way to live life.

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