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11 Ways to Make Money From Your Blog


Blogging can be a financially rewarding profession, or even a pastime. But not every blog makes money. There are millions of blogs that have not been monetized. Those that are making money aren’t necessarily minting. For a blog to make money, consistently and in respectable figures, it has to be valuable. It must entice people and then satiate their needs. A blog could be useful, informative, for fun, interactive, contentious, factual or fictional. It doesn’t matter what niche you are catering to and what kind of blog you have, you need to ensure a few elements that will help you to make money with it. Here is a brief, but helpful guide on what to do to monetize your blog.

1) Attain Popularity.
You cannot make money when your blog doesn’t have any dedicated readership. You need a loyal audience that would keep returning to your blog and would keep checking out new contents that you upload. The audience cannot be limited to a few dozen people and it cannot be sporadic. You cannot rely on rerouted traffic. Your blog must be popular and obviously it would have its target audience. The target audience shouldn’t have to search for something and then get to your blog. They would follow your blog. You don’t need all those readers to become subscribers or commentators. As long as they follow your blog and repeatedly visit it, the blog can be monetized.

2) Grow Traffic and Advertise.
Traffic will pave the way for advertisements, paid contents and promotions which will help you to make money with your blog. Without traffic, posting ads or optimizing new contents and sharing of the content will be futile. The nature of the traffic, the target audience and the kind of outreach a blog has along with the focus or the niche will determine the type of ads, promotions and paid contents. A blog shouldn’t lose its value or core in the process of monetization.

3) Incentivize Your Readers.
There are many ways to make money with a blog. You could offer free content to entice the audience and then offer exclusive or academic content for those who want more information and would be willing to pay a subscription fee. You could just use the readership and get paid through ads, affiliate marketing links, sponsored banners and all kinds of product and service placements on every webpage of your blog.

All you need is a well planned strategy that is relevant for your niche and your target audience.

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