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34 Great Catchy Home Daycare Slogans

Home day cares are becoming increasingly popular in today’s economy. More and more households have two working parents, making childcare a necessity. Taking care and responsibility of a child is a big deal, which can make it pretty difficult to find a customer base. A slogan is a great thing for this type of business, here are some great examples!

A Gift For Life.
A Warm and Loving Environment.
Building Your Child’s Future.
Caring And Trusted Childcare.
Creating Memories.
Daycare Is Great…Children Make It Better.
Daycare Is My Business.
Every Child Is A Star.
For Children’s Growth.
Gentle. Loving. Experienced. Affordable.
Good Beginnings Never End.
It Takes A Village.
It’s About Kids.
Just Like Home.
Learning Encouraged.
Making A Difference One Child At A Time.
Making Learning Fun.
Maximizing Every Child’s Potential.
Need Childcare?
Preparing For Life.
Reaching For Bright Minds.
Sharing The Caring.
Taking Care Of Life’s Most Precious Treasures.
Their Home Away From Home.
We Care For Your Most Precious.
We Care Like Mom Does.
We Put A Little Magic Into All Our Kid’s Lives.
Where A Kid Can Be A Kid.
Where Children Can Reveal Their Potential.
Where Children Play, Learn, and Grow.
Where Kids Play All Day.
Where Love And Care Come Together.
Where Quality Childcare Matters.
Your Most Cherished Possession Is Ours Too.

This wonderful video answers many questions that people may have about starting their own home day care business. It is very educational and valuable.

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