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How to Build Customer Loyalty the Right Way


Here is a look at some of the key takeaways from this infographic…

1) Reach Out to Social Media to Do the Legwork For You.
The easiest way to advertise for free is through social media. The first step is always to create profiles across multiple platforms. Facebook, Google+, and Instagram represent just a few of the platforms that you can set up for free. Once set up, you can use these to link to your primary website. In addition, you can use these social media platforms to acquire fans and spread the word about new and upcoming products.

More to the point however these platforms can be the perfect place for you to create an active social community around your business. Once established, you can use things like benchmark rewards to get people to spread the word for you. For example, you can have a goal to get 1 million followers. When this happens, all followers get a deal to push them towards spreading your business.

2) Work on Providing Free Content That People Will Find Useful.
Companies sit on a great deal of practical information that may interest their customers. For example, clothing manufacturers and resellers have a great deal of knowledge regarding colors, clothing trends, and even sewing/manufacturing patterns. Along with supporting the purpose of their website and business, you can provide free information that will help people in similar fields and hobbies. Now your social media and website presence is not only a place to buy your product, but also access the newest and best information on information regarding your industry.

3) Never Forget the Importance of Face-to-Face Interactions.
Trade shows are still the best place to your name out there. While there may be an initial entry fee, the sheer amount of free press and customers you can get with a trade show is unparalleled. A trade show can bring a physical presence to what many people will only see through online stores. It allows you to check out the competition, learn interesting and novel practices that you can use to your advantage, and sell yourself to everyone involved.

As many people who attend trade shows also run their own businesses, it can be on of the best ways to network with other companies. From cross promotional deals to sharing information on one another’s social media accounts, you can gain a great deal of free publicity simply by showing up, talking, and shaking hands.

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