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33 Great Green Company Names

The business of green and a low carbon economy is fueling future job growth due to economic policy and technological advances. In the last five years alone, jobs have grown from 750,000 to almost 3 million. Green construction has also seen a dramatic increase with a median wage increase for green jobs. The following listing of green company names are from environmentally cautious businesses that work towards sustainability in their products and service.

Daca Environmental Inc.
Empire Environmental Waste Services
Environmental Consulting Group
Environmental Exterminators
EPS Environmnetal Services
Furnish Green
Future is Clear
GoGreen Inc.
Green Eco Environmental
Green Footsteps
Green Life Soho
Greensleeves, Inc.
Groundwater Environmental Group
Jensen Environmental Management
Merit Cleaners
Midwest Environmental Sales Co.
Moss Design
Natural Little One
Preserve Supplies
Recycle a Bicycle
Remake Architecture
Seven Rays Environmental Concepts
sustainable Restoration
Time’s Up

Large brands and global companies have moved towards processes that consider sustainability. Google and Apple score on some of the highest charts for making the largest environmental impact and being transparent to the public. The following infographic outlines additional facts and statistics about the growing green industry.

Going Green Job Market Statistics

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