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16 Best SEO Tips for 2014


SEO Marketing: The New Face

SEO marketing is a rapidly evolving market, and you want to keep-up, especially if you are in marketing. Here, we will look at what SEO is, how to use it properly in the modern context, and how this context has evolved over the years. You may just be surprised at what new things you can do to strengthen your page more.

What is SEO?

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization. This is knowing what you need to do in order to have your webpage recognized and ranked in search engine indexes. Hopefully, it will put the website for your business or brand at the top of the listings when customers search for you. The first priorities of those looking to maximize SEO should be the quality of their website, as well as the content and links that you do offer. Overtime, the ideas associated with SEO and the marketing tactics have evolved with the internet to become something more than what they once were.

The Old

The old way of SEO marketing did little for the consumer. Keywords were crammed into webpages, title tags, and text, authors were unknown, and SEO marketing teams were much smaller. There was no concern about mobile devices, speed of your site, or usability. Microformat began in 2009. Articles were often reworked and submitted to low-quality sites. Anchor text was very important when it came to text and even names of domains. Fake blogs often appeared in rankings by mistake. Almost all the directory submissions went unchecked, which hurt overall quality. Automated comments on pages were used, as opposed to actual comments by users. By far, the use of links on pages were more important than any social media sites.

The New

The new face of SEO is full of more positions, more needs, and more concerns. Now, usability is a concern. Content needs to be of very high quality, not filled with keywords. As a matter of fact, keywords are not that important. They can be used, but a wide variety of them, not just one or two per page, should be incorporated. Authors should always be known. Content should also be varied, including video, pictures, presentations, and more. Titles and met descriptions should be truthful and interesting. Social Media has become a powerhouse in search rankings. Links are more varied. Creating an online presence for yourself through branding is important.

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