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32 Remarkable Barry Banther Quotes

Barry Banther is a best selling author and advisor that speaks on the topics of leadership in the workplace. Author of the book, ‘A Leader’s Gift,’ Banther takes a look at the qualities and characteristics a manager must embrace in order to lead. Here are some memorable Barry Banther quotes to remember.

“Don’t wait for your employees to seek you out. Choose to be assertive and go to them first.”

“Employee engagement begins with leader engagement.”

“Encouragement breeds confidence, and confidence is the root of all proactive customer-centered leadership.”

“Every leader leaves a legacy.”

“If we want to understand what really defines leaders, I suggest we start by looking at their followers.”

“If you’re not building relationships that will last with your associates, your financial success will be short-lived.”

“Insecure leaders trumpet their authority and use fear to motivate.”

“It takes patience to build relationships, discover people’s strengths, help them develop, and build trust.”

“Lasting leaders nurture their ability to see their employees’ potential even before those employees do.”

“Lasting leadership comes from a personal transformation, not a personal agenda.”

“Leadership isn’t just something you do; it’s someone you become.”

“Leadership that begins by putting others’ interests first has the strength to forge lasting relationships.”

“Nothing creates a sense of ownership in employees more than treating them like owners.”

“Openness encourages employee engagement, and that is fundamental to business success.”

“Promotions don’t cure leadership flaws.”

“Successful leadership is rooted in how well you develop others.”

“The future belongs to the leader who sees what everyone else misses in employees and then knows how to develop their raw talent.”

“The power of a leader’s words far exceeds the power of the leader’s budget.”

“The slightest thing we can say in a given moment can be the very encouragement someone else needs.”

“The words leaders use to speak to their team, especially the words that show appreciation for their employees’ strengths, are like air and water — essential for survival on the job.”

“There are few moments that make us feel more valued as a person than when we believe someone is genuinely listening to us.”

“Trust between leaders and their associate is built upon a transparency that reflects a freedom to speak and be heard.”

“We can’t alter our past, but we can shape our future. We can end well.”

“We can’t create any more time; we can only choose how to spend the time we have.”

“We can’t create time, but when we invest our time to build profitable relationships, we do multiply the effect of our time.”

“What is valued gets measured.”

“What we think determines our decisions, our deeds, and ultimately our destiny.”

“When leaders take the risk to place their confidence in us, even before we have earned it, it gives us the strength to face adversity without excuse. It gives us the courage to live beyond our self-imposed limits!”

“When we finally choose to listen to someone, we will begin to slowly turn down the volume around us and make a connection with that person, which is the foundation of winning teamwork.”

“When you find yourself focusing on the people you lead rather than just tasks to complete, then you have transitioned into making people your priority.”

“When you give away genuine appreciation, it is mirrored back to you in improved attitudes, stronger commitment, and better performance.”

“You can be appointed someone’s boss but not their leader. Your followers ultimately determine your leadership.”

Barry Banther joins this conversation to discuss the main qualities required for successful leaders in the workplace. Be embracing these ideals, new managers will set themselves up for increasing success among their associates.

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