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31 Great Gastric Sleeve Blog Names

Having to make the decision to have a gastric sleeve is no easy choice. There are certain sacrifices associated with adapting your lifestyle post op. These great gastric sleeve blog names can serve as the perfect inspiration to share your experiences and challenges with others. These blogs are from existing bloggers that help to provide information and lifestyle tips to others living with gastric sleeves.

Bari Life
Bariatric Cookery
Bariatric Eating
Bariatric Times
Barnes Bariatric
Beauty and the Bypass
Centre for Metabolic Surgery
Cernero Surgery
Fat to Fit Chick
Foothills Weight Loss
Gastric Sleeve
Gnome Angel
Lee Bariatrics
Miles To Go
My Bariatric Journey
My Bariatric Solutions
Obesity Control Center
Obesity Free
Obesity Help
Perth Surgical Bariatrics
Prime Surgicare
Pure Body Transformation
Recovery from Gastric Sleeve
Sandi’s Banded Living
Sleeve Center
Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases
Surviving Gastric Sleeve
Surviving My Sleeve
The World According To Eggface

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