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30 Ways to Find Happiness in Life

There is no formula to be happy. There is no magic pill that would make you happy. At the same time, you don’t need a fortune to be happy. You do not have to make any special effort to be happy or happier than someone else. You can derive happiness from the smallest, simplest and apparently the most insignificant of things and moments in life.

The below infographic analyzes the importance of work and life balance in order to achieve optimal success and happiness in life.

Work  Life Balance and Happiness

30 Ways To Be Insanely Happy is a guide to derive genuine happiness in your life, regardless of who you are, where you are, what you do and what you want to do. Before you can try out the various ways to be happy, you must understand the reasons why you are not happy.

The biggest and the most common cause for unhappiness is that people live in tomorrow. For some reason, most people in the world do not think about the present moment. Where you are right now should matter more than where you can be or would be the next day, month or in several years. We spend far too much time on the future or brooding about the past. The very instant you start to live in the present and start to feel alive at the moment, you would be happy.

People are unhappy because of consistent negative thinking. Anxiety is no longer a special condition, people are anxious at all times. The freezer is down, the faucet is clogged, the train’s jammed with people, one’s running late for work, there is too much of work left for the day, the food isn’t good enough, social commitments have to be met and there are thousands of things that can try and distract you from happiness. You can choose to consider all these minor realities of life as significant or you can just let it all go and enjoy being who you are, where you are and what you are doing.

Not everyone can live a life of his or her dreams but one can always find pleasures that do not cost a fortune. Getting engaged with singing, dancing, playing some sport, discussing or doing things that you like and being with people whom you love and care for are just a few very simple ways to be truly happy.

Explore the 30 ways to be happy and never indulge in a dull moment. Smiling is a free of cost exercise and one workout that doesn’t require much effort.

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