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30 Top-Notch Marshall B. Rosenberg Quotes

Marshall B. Rosenberg is an American psychologist and developer of non violent communication where conflicts and differences can be resolved peacefully. Known for his charismatic presence, here is a look at some of the most memorable Marshall B. Rosenberg quotes to be familiar with.

“All violence is the result of people tricking themselves into believing that their pain derives from other people and that consequently those people deserve to be punished.”

“At the core of all anger is a need that is not being fulfilled.”

“Empathy is a respectful understanding of what others are experiencing. Instead of offering empathy, we often have a strong urge to give advice or reassurance and to explain our own position or feeling.”

“Empathy lies in our ability to be present without opinion.”

“Every criticism, judgment, diagnosis, and expression of anger is the tragic expression of an unmet need.”

“Hear the truth. The truth is that when somebody’s telling you what’s wrong with you, the truth is they have a need that isn’t getting met. Hear that they’re in pain.”

“I recommend allowing others the opportunity to fully express themselves before turning our attention to solutions or requests for relief.”

“I try never to hear what another person thinks of me. I enjoy life a lot more when I spend as little time as possible hearing or thinking about what other people think about me. I go to the needs behind the thoughts. Then I’m in a different world.”

“If we want to be compassionate we must be conscious of the words we use. We must both speak and listen from the heart.”

“If we want to make meetings productive, we need to keep track of those whose requests are on the table.”

“In empathy, you don’t speak at all. You speak with the eyes. You speak with your body. If you say any words at all, it’s because you are not sure you are with the person.”

“Instead of playing the game”Making Life Wonderful”, we often play the game called”Who’s Right”. Do you know that game? It’s a game where everybody loses.”

“Let’s shine the light of consciousness on places where we can hope to find what we are seeking.”

“Life-Enriching Education: an education that prepares children to learn throughout their lives, relate well to others, and themselves, be creative, flexible, and venturesome, and have empathy not only for their immediate kin but for all of humankind.”

“Never hear what somebody thinks about you, you’ll live longer. You’ll enjoy life more.”

“NVC helps us connect with each other and ourselves in a way that allows our natural compassion to flourish.”

“NVC suggests behind every action, however ineffective, tragic, violent, or abhorrent to us, is an attempt to meet a need.”

“People have been trained to criticize, insult, and otherwise communicate in ways that create distance among people.”

“Regardless of our many differences, we all have the same needs. What differs is the strategy for fulfilling these needs.”

“Some people use NVC to respond compassionately to themselves, some to create greater depth in their personal relationships, and still others to build effective relationships at work or in the political arena.”

“The most dangerous of all behaviors may consist of doing things ‘because we’re supposed to.”

“We are dangerous when we are not conscious of our responsibility for how we behave, think, and feel.”

“We are never angry because of what others say or do. It is our thinking that makes us angry.”

“We can only fully be satisfied when the other person’s needs are fulfilled as well as our own.”

“We only feel dehumanized when we get trapped in the derogatory images of other people or thoughts of wrongness about ourselves.”

“When our communication supports compassionate giving and receiving, happiness replaces violence and grieving.”

“When we proceed too quickly to what people might be requesting, we may not convey our genuine interest in their feelings and needs; instead, they may get the impression that we’re in a hurry to either be free of them or to fix their problem.”

“When you ride the wave, the thrill is so exhilarating that you forget everything else.”

“You can’t make your kids do anything. All you can do is make them wish they had. And then, they will make you wish you hadn’t made them wish they had.”

“Your presence is the most precious gift you can give to another human being.”

Marshall B. Rosenberg shows this introductory training on how to connect with others in a non violent way. Using his approaches, everyone’s needs can be met through natural giving.

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