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10 Billion Dollar Companies that Started in a Garage


You might think that all big businesses started with a lot of capital and resources, but some of the most successful billion dollar businesses that you know of today actually got their start in a garage. This means that no matter what your business may be, it doesn’t matter how you start that matters, but it is more about the rate at which your business continues to grow with time that matters most. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Disney
This might be the biggest name in children’s movies, but this is a business that was originally launched out of a garage. Even though there are theme parks and motion pictures under the Disney brand, it all started with sketches of the original Alice in Wonderland that were drawn out of a garage.

Walt and Roy Disney did not let the fact that they did not have their own drawing or art studio hold them back. They made do with what they had and created their own work space out of a two car garage. Now Disney is one of the highest earning media businesses in the entire world.

2) Hewlett Packard
Two Stanford graduates Hewlett and Packard launched their own business out of a garage. You could invest in their business for just over $500 and this turned out to be a very wise investment for those that chose to do so. This turned out to be the first company that launched Silicone Valley and started the computer trend. There are now one of the biggest manufacturers of personal computers in the entire world and the garage where they once got their start is now a museum. This means that no matter what your business vision is, you must see it through. It doesn’t matter how you start, but it is about how you finish that counts.

3) Amazon
This might be the biggest online marketplace now, but it all started when Bezos quit his successful job and decided how to redefine how you could buy books through online versions. This means that he started working out of his garage for a period of time before Amazon was launched and became a huge success.

All of these success stories show that you just need to take a chance and have a great business idea in order to have success. You do not need to have the huge offices when you are just getting started.

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