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30 Fabulous Dan Waldschmidt Quotes

Dan Waldschmidt is the author of, ‘EDGY Conversations’ and is considered a global leading strategist for business. As a renowned speaker, Waldschmidt has prided himself on thinking outside of the box. Here are some of the best Dan Waldschmidt quotes to know.

“Being awesome isn’t free. It’s going to cost you more than you want to pay.”

“Better to burn out than never to have burned at all.”

“Criticism always seems to add inspiration to your pursuit of success. Strip away the anger and bias and use the rest as fuel.”

“Don’t tell me you can’t get out of bed earlier because you’re not a “morning person”. You’re just not a motivated person.”

“If you aspire to be greater than you are now, believe more than you do now.”

“If you don’t “need” To be successful, you probably won’t be. It can’t be optional.”

“If your goal is big enough and meaningful enough, you’ll stay motivated.”

“Inspiration is a reward. You have to work for it and fight to keep it.”

“Inspiration is the one thing you lose just after you stop looking for it.”

“Instead of whining, whimpering, or “why-ing” Your way through the day, put your head down and work.”

“Leadership is you helping everyone else get across the finish line ahead of you.”

“Love creates hope. Hope creates possibility. Possibility creates a context for success.”

“Pain is what hurts you. Fear is what never lets you forget about it.”

“Passionate curiosity rarely loses.”

“Pretending that we know more than we really do is one big reason we’re not as successful as we should be. It’s probably the worst self-limiting behavior that we have.”

“So what if the experts disagree with you. They might be wrong.”

“Success looks a lot like failure up until the moment you break through the finish line.”

“Success most often comes from unlikely places. Don’t be surprised if you win a different way than you expect. ”

“The best way to feel like doing something is to just start doing it.”

“The hard truth is that success isn’t a series of actions. It is an attitude.”

“The moment you decide you’re going to do something awesome is the moment you need to resolve to get tough.”

“The only thing standing between you and outrageous success is continuous progress.”

“There are no business problems, management problems, leadership problems, or profit problems. There are only people problems.”

“We all evaluate our own self-value. The difference is what we see as valuable.”

“We don’t need more leaders. We need more motivators.”

“When you lose your way, find your will.”

“While luck may be more appealing than effort, you don’t get to choose luck. Effort, on the other hand, is totally available, all the time.”

“You don’t have to be “up for the job” To finish the job.”

“You get stuck most of the time because your thinking is broken.”

“You refuse to believe that your will is weaker than the way things are right now.”

Dan Waldschmidt talks about his business success and how to inspire your organization to achieve mind blowing results. Check out this motivational video below.

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