28 Funny Broomball Team Names

Broomball originated in the Canada and has spread in popularity around the world. Running in close similarity to the sport of Hockey, Broomball is played on ice. Players use a broom instead of a hockey stick and small ball instead of a puck. Rubber soled shoes are worn on the ice instead of skates. Since the 1980’s organized Broomball has been seen in Australia, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. A selection of Broomball team names from current teams are listed below.

Bouncing Spider Juice
Broom Bawlz
Broom Dawgs
Broom Our Balls
Broom Roasted
Clean Sweep
Double or Nothing
Dumbledore’s Marines
Dump and Chase
Goals R Us
Harry’s Heroes
Hollywood Harpies
Muggle Quidditch
One Snitch Two Snitch Red Snitch Gold Snitch
Scoring All Over
Sleepy Hollow
Slippery Shafts
Sonic Broom
Super Sweepers
Sweeping Generalizations
Team Ver. 2.0
The Legion of Broom
The Little Lambs
The Quafflepockers
The Witchy Warlocks
With Head and Heart

Sport injuries can occur with any sport type. The following infographic outlines the common sports injuries suffered and additional sport injury statistics. The most dangerous sport with the highest rate of injury per game is Football, followed by Wrestling and Soccer. The most common injury suffered are head and shoulder injuries. In 2012 along, more than 4,500 players filed lawsuits against the NFL for head injuries or brain trauma. As a result, more than $765 million has been provided to players to cover medical expenses and treatments for the next 5 decades.

Common Sports Injuries