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10 Keys to Making Incredible Facebook Updates


There are some people on Facebook who just seem to have a talent when it comes to writing. From comedic timing to word use, these people are fantastic to read and truly entertaining to follow. If you want to improve your Facebook posts and make them more engaging, then you are in luck! Here are a series of ways that you can make your Facebook posts more engaging for other readers.

1. Don’t Try to be Something Else

The biggest problem many people have is that they see who they want to be and who they are as two separate entities. Rather then trying to sound how you think you should sound, just give yourself the benefit of the doubt and be yourself. Speak naturally, and focus on writing things that have meaning to you. More often then not, other people will be able to relate, making your posts engaging. As a result, don’t worry about being emotional. Tie yourself into the post, and don’t always keep a cool distance from the subject material.

2. Try Your Best to be Relevant

Being relevant is tricky. You want to make something that people will read and be able to relate to but which is also unique. As a result, you often have to decide whether or not to include things that may be worth reading, but not be relevant. The best thing you can do is to tie in your writing to something currently going on that people know about. Create a brief entry and exit transition that shows how what you are talking about relates to the bigger picture.

3. Work on Being Direct

You are not writing a short story, you are writing a Facebook book. As a result, try to be succinct in your writing. What can be said in a page can also be said in 5 or 6 lines, making it much more likely to be read. Just remember, less is always more.

4. Visuals Always Help

What is true in marketing is also true in Facebook posts. Pictures are a great way to make a post turn from just writing to a visual story. By providing a visual gauge, you help bring your readers in, making a more engaging experience.


Many people are familiar with famous quotes, and they love reading them and seeing how they relate to your posts.

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