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10 Business Tips from Billionaire Richard Branson

Richard Branson is not one of the top five richest people in the world. He is not the head honcho of the largest company in terms of manpower, profits, valuation or market cap. He is neither a graduate from Harvard nor Oxford. Richard Branson was a dyslexic child who left school to script his life beyond the confinements of rules and conventions.

A timeline to the life and success of Richard Branson throughout his success as a serial entrepreneur.

Richard Branson Success Timeline

The Greatest Entrepreneur of All Time

One of the greatest entrepreneurs of all times and a man who is always seen sporting a smile, Richard Branson has been an inspiration for everyone born in and after the 1980’s. Richard didn’t have a mantra to succeed. He didn’t have any plan. He didn’t have millions of dollars at his disposal and he wasn’t a tech wizard. He was an ordinary man who had extraordinary dreams and made the effort to transform his dreams into reality.

10 Tips on Business and Life from Richard Branson is a take on some of the wisest and most enlightening quotes made by the man. These quotes, which can be regarded as tips or advice, are not only relevant for all and sundry but can be a life changer for many.

The slideshow has been compiled to make an impact in your life which comprises both your personal space and your professional journey. Great men have always had more to share with the world. Their accounts of successes and failures train them to become wise and wisdom should always be welcomed, in whichever form.

Richard Branson may not be a household name in every home across the world but he certainly is among the most popular global entrepreneurs. He has left his footprint in more than four hundred companies and that speaks a lot about his ventures and his experiences.

The Many Faces of Richard Branson

10 Tips on Business and Life from Richard Branson can be a guide for a professional, a student, a trainee, an entrepreneur, a guardian and for anyone who wishes to explore some truths of life and work. While it may be and is difficult to emulate what Richard Branson has done or achieved, yet it is not difficult to endorse the principles that the man lives his life by. Not all quotes would apply to every life but they would have a degree of relevant resonance for everyone. Explore the wise sayings of Richard Branson, many of which have become guru mantras for millions of people around the world.

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