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27 Cool Twitter Tricks for 2013

27 Cool Twitter Tricks for 2013

Twitter Tips for 2013

A list of over 20 Twitter tricks to use when starting a new page to prepare and save time.

1. Before you do your first tweet, upload a photo of you to better connect with other people.

2. For brand pages, use a photo and logo mashup.

3. Name your photo to help with search.

4. Complete your bio and include a bit about what you do and what you Tweet about.

5. Hashtags can be used in your bio but do not go crazy.

6. Include a link to your website or blog creating a specific landing page for tracking.

7. Do not use automated direct messages.

8. Stay away from validation services.

9. Use Twitter as a listening tool to find interesting conversations to join.

10. Find people you want to tweet with not just to in order to create value in conversations.

11. Join Twitter chats using @TweetChat or @Twubs.

12. Twitter will automatically shorten your link so say what you need to say within 140 characters.

13. Use a Twitter client to manage multiple accounts such as @HootSuite.

14. Tweet photos and video, helpful information, and blog posts.

15. Share your photos, location, and blog posts from Instagram, YouTube, Twitpic, Slideshare, and others.

16. TwitterTV allows you to see all the hashtags on your favorite TV show. Tweet what you like or dislike about
characters from shows or other trendy events.

17. Give your friends or favorite business some promotion.

18. Donate to your favorite non-profit organization and tweet to your friends to do the same.

19. Tweet about your business, menu, special offers, or connect with customers.

20. Open on a holiday or Sunday? Tweet about it.

21. Tweet your location to let people know where you are.

22. Holding an event? Create a hashtag and watch the fun happen.

23. Pay it forward and share these tips and other things that work for you on Twitter.

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