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WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org Side by Side Comparison

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org Side by Side Comparison

WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com

If you are new to the blogging world and looking to get started with your own blog or website, here is a look at the differences of WordPress.org and WordPress.com.


WordPress.org is open source software used to power millions of websites from around the world. WordPress.org is central to their community of users. Allowing full control over your site, you have the option to control your design, theme, plugins, content, monetization, performance, and hosting. Maintenance is easy and only requires time. A third party can be hired if needed to perform the maintenance for you.

Charges may vary for purchasing a domain name, with an average cost of $10 a year and hosting for $7 a month. Unlimited storage space is provided and your site will remain free from ads.


WordPress.com is a commercial based site that allows you to freely host a site. However limitations do exist forcing you to pay for any upgrades. The same software is offered as the .org site however the .com solution allows people to set up and maintain a site without their own hosting required. Limitations exist with the inability of adding custom plugins, custom themes, or provide FTP access. Maintenance is handled by the .com support and development team regardless of using a free or paid account.

Charges are typically $13 a year for a domain, however free hosting is provided. Storage space is only free up to 3GB where you have to pay starting at $20 a year for additional space. Since this is a free site, ads are typically placed on your page unless otherwise upgraded to a no ads account for $30 a year.

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