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Facebook Social Graph Search SEO Guide

Facebook Social Graph Search SEO Guide

Facebook Social Graph Search

Bing and Facebook have been known to carry a strong relationship together since 2008. Starting back in 2007, Microsoft invested $240 million into Facebook and provided them with search results that are socially orientated. Bing launched a social sidebar feature in 2012 which displays Facebook content alongside search results and has since built upon a relationship allowing Facebook content to remain on Bing.

What is Graph Search

Announced in January of 2013, graph search uses a trillion social connections on Facebook to provide relevant and personalized search results. The name is based on sociogram which depicts the personal relations of its users.

The following objects are supported in search:
• Public posts
• People
• Groups
• Pages
• Places
• Check-ins
• Events
• Applications
• Objects with locations attached

Using these methods to gain relevant search results, natural language based questions are provided rather than a list of links.

How Search Operates

Standard search results would provide you with hundreds of results with little information on quality when it comes to seeking local places. Through graph search, you can receive results with recommendations from friends you already know on Facebook.

Personal searches can be performed that identify specific places your friends like, setting up dates in your area with people on Facebook, and locating music that your friends like. For a business search, you can identify specific people that came from a university and like related topics to find employees, build a professional network by company name, or gather information about your customers and target them.

Benefits of Graph Search

Graph search allows social verification as people rely on friends and others they know over a strangers recommendations. 92% of consumers trust word of mouth recommendations. Graph search can help 13 million small businesses get discovered through their emphasis on local search rather than brand pages.

Optimize your Page for Graph Search

You can optimize your page for graph search by gaining likes, adding photos directly while minimizing links, and preforming check-ins and locations. Creating high quality and shareable content to increase your reach will help gain likes on your page while encouraging your fans to engage with your posts. Promotions and competitions are great ways to increase likes and check-ins.

Take some time to locate existing customers and fans on Facebook to engage with them on a more personal level. Search for people who like a certain page or product. Create your own ultimate gallery about your products and location.

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