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12 Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Better

12 Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Better

Optimize Your Facebook Page

A simple checklist of 12 ways to optimize your Facebook page and increase your presence.

1. Have your URL be the first thing listed in our About section.

2. Provide links to your social media channels on an additional about section.

3. Have a cover photo that is well designed and meets guidelines.

4. Add a cover photo description with information, a call to action, or link when clicked.

5. Have a profile photo that clearly reflects your brand.

6. Your overall design should include a call to action and feature the three most important apps on your timeline.

7. Your “talking about” number should represent 2% of your fans.

8. Create a content strategy that focuses on the type of info to be shared and speaks directly to your audience.

9. Offer exclusive content such as a coupon code, eBook, tips and tricks.

10. Brand through identifying with your users and fans.

11. Engage with your fans by liking their comments and responding to their questions.

12. Look at industry opportunities and take advantage of them through your content sharing strategy.

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