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26 Incredible Personal Branding Tips


How I Use Personal Branding on My Blog to Make More Sales

1) My Blog is My Name
Everytime someone visits my blog from Google or social media they see my name in the logo. My personal brand is seen millions of times each month because of this.

2) My Emails are from Me
Every week I personally create the email that is sent out to my subscribers. It comes from me, and I have a picture of myself with my family in the signature.

3) My Free Consults are By Me
I do not pass my consultations off to a salesperson. I perform each and everyone myself. By the time someone requests a consult, they have read my blog and received my weekly emails. Everything has been from my personal brand up to this point, and the phone calls are more productive because of this.

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Last month, more than 2 million people visited Brandon's blog. He shares exactly how he took his blog from zero to 1 million monthly visitors here. His path to success was not easy. Brandon had to comeback from being disabled, by a rare health disorder, for most of his thirties. God delivered him from hardship and has blessed his family in so many wonderful ways. You can send Brandon a message here.