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10 Best Public Restrooms in the World


Unexpected and Ultimate Urination Spots

Believe it or not, we spend about 3 years, in total, on the toilet. Because of this, you may want to seek out some of the ultimate urination spots in the world. This is especially apropos on World Toilet Day, which is November 19th of each year. Here, we will look at some of the neatest bathrooms in the whole world. You may just want to make note of where some very neat places to use the restroom are and see how many of them you can visit.

The Most Gorgeous

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For some, this may mean they seek out the most luxurious spot in the world at Shoji Tabuchi Theatre in Branson. This large theatre has large restrooms, as well, decked out in violets and expensive fixtures. For others, it may be all about the view. For this one, travel to Boston Bay High Camp in Washington State. There you will find one toilet with one great view. Still others may seek art in their toilet. Kohler Art Centre in Wisconsin boasts a very arty toilet featuring 6 different sculpted bathrooms.

The Loneliest

Want to get away from it all? Then look for the loneliest, highest, and most spacious places to pee in the world. The most spacious is located in Ichihara-Shi, Japan’s flower garden where you will find a clear bathroom that also gives you a good view of the flowers. Mount McKinley in Alaska gives you the most remote toilet in the world in the Don Sheldon Mountain House. You can only visit here 3 of 12 months, annually. The highest place to pea, however, is in Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains on Mont Blanc. There you will find 2 special toilets located 15,190 feet above sea level.

The Most Cutting Edge

The most cutting edge toilets can mean the most technologically advanced toilets for some people. For this experience, head to the Daimaru department store located in Tokyo Train Station’s North tower. These toilets are heated, provide ocean sounds, and are ergonomically designed. For others, the most cutting edge toilet may mean the priciest toilet to create. If this is your idea of cutting edge, travel to Moon River Art Park in Shanghai. There is only one toilet there that cost around $600,000 to build. This toilet also gives you the satisfying feeling of peeing in a grotto (cave).

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